Thursday, May 29, 2008

more pain

So today I was super lazy again, although I did do a CF workout. We warmed up with some jerks,  but I went pretty light because my neck/head was still really hurting. Then the workout:
400 m run
3 rounds: 15 kg swings, 15 v-ups
400 m run
I started with the 16 kg kettlebell but my neck was in so much pain by the second round I switched to box jumps instead. Time: 6:17

Went out to dinner tonight and had a horribly delicious cheat meal. Ate pretty well through the dinner: fish, veggies, but also some fries and some fried fish. Dessert was decadent: huge piece of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, smothered in chocolate sauce. yummmmy. But I guess it's graduation weekend so I can afford to indulge ... hopefully ...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A real pain in the neck

Well it ended up being a rest day today, although I didn't intend for it to be. Was going to go lift today, but got done with my manicure/pedicure late, and my neck and head were so sore from the little incident yesterday I just couldn't bring myself to do any form  of exercise. So now I am stuck being a lazy ass at home. Ah well, guess I need it before the big weekend, although I would have loved to have been able to do something today.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well, I almost broke my neck ...

A light day today because I can't come in later. 

5x20 kg, warm up

Warm up: 
Drop snatch, OHS 5x20 kg, couple rounds.

1x60 (failed twice)
On the second attempt at 60, which would have been a new PR, I tried to jerk it up, missed the jerk, fell forward, smashing my knee on the squat rack; the weight then landed smack on my neck, and then fell down my back. Took a little break after that one, then did some core work:

20 reps candlestick/V-ups (combination of the two), alternating knee to chest, star fish, hanging leg raises.

3x8 with 7 kg plate.

Not too eventful. Except now my head and neck really hurt.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Failures ...

First post ... here goes.

So I'm still getting used to the idea of full time Olympic lifting, and I'm still trying to perfect my lifts. Granted today was not such a good day. Rode my bike down to the gym. Workout:

Snatches from block (trying to get the hips involved)
3-5x34 kg x 2
3x40 kg x many 
The weight was light, seeing as I power snatched the 40 kg, but I kept catching it too far out in front, so dropped it and landed on my ass many a time.

Snatch pulls
5x60 kg x 4

Back Squats
3x60 kg
5x 70
5x 70
3x 70 (failed, was kind of scary cuz I fell forward)
2x 70 (failed again)
Ah well, so my legs didn't have a good day.

Core work
20 reps: crunches forward, L, and R; side crunches L and R; V-Ups; toes-to-bar leg raises; then 10 reps of everything, plus some more core work with kettlebells. 

3x8 with a 7 kg plate on my head.

We all had a rough time tonight. Everyone except for Jeremy had a major spill, a real "failure" type night.

Fun fun fun.