Saturday, June 28, 2008

Working out in paradise

Ahhhh, Hawaii. How I push myself to work out, I don't know.

Wednesday: I worked out before our flight left. Did some front squats, worked up to 70/3, not too much. Then I did a Tabata workout: squats, pushups, and swings. 17, 5 (we did 10 on, 20 off for push ups), and 12, respectively. Then we finished it off with an 800 m run --2:36. I was tired.

Friday: visited a local CF. WOD was super short -- 30 c&j for time. Easy enough, although it sucked when I did it.

Today I went to a local fitness center (which I am SO not used to), did some pulls, squats and then a short work out.

Sn pulls


Presses (behind back)
(35/3)3, 35/2 (failed on the 3rd one)

Hypers w/ a 10 kg plate

3 rounds of:
20 pushups
20 situps
20 swings

Plan on hitting the gym regularly this week.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I should snatch on no sleep more often

So today I had about 0 energy. I biked to CF, did some major stretching there, got picked up, then went lifting. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to pull off a good workout.

Snatches from blocks
I only bailed on 2 or 3 of them, and the others were pretty solid except for a couple.

Pulls from blocks

Back squat

Military Press

3 rounds: 10 MB sit ups, 10 pushups, 8 hypers w/ 10 kg plate. I originally had pull ups thrown in there as well, but my shoulders were acting up after the presses, so I ditched those after the first round.

Word of the day: "shelf butt" (how you can tell a lifter is strong)
Quote of the day: "Where should I put my beer? Oh hey, here's a nice shelf butt." 

Oh the joys of lifting ...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A heavy week

So the past week has been a heavy week, lifting-wise. 5 days the past week ... by Saturday I was absolutely wiped and had almost nothing left in me.


3x25, 2x35, 2x40 (failed), 1x45, 1x47 (failed), 1x45 (fail), 1x45, 1x47 (fail), 1x45

So snatches were obviously all over the place. Attempted a new PR, but obviously didn't get it :(

My jerks were really sucky because my shoulders were just fried from the whole week. Sucky jerks = more shoulder pain = downward spiral of badness.

2x80 (I had a total brain fart and thought I'd loaded the bar to 70, and was really discouraged when it felt super heavy. Coach then later pointed out it was 80, and that made me feel slightly better)

So squats weren't terrible, but my legs were obviously suffering from the past week.

3 rounds (NOT for time)
10 wall ball situps
10 pull ups
8 hypers (w/ 10 kg plate)
10 pushups

By the end I was absolutely wiped. Coach said I'm not eating enough, so I biked home, ate lunch, then had a long conversation about my food intake with a fellow lifter. I'll now be eating 14 blocks a day, with extra fat, which is WAY more than I've been eating.

Since yesterday was obviously not enough activity (JUST KIDDING), I walked 20 MILES last night, all over Seattle, from 7 pm to 3 am, for the Out of the Darkness suicide prevention walk. I can barely move today, but what an experience! It will most definitely be a rest and recovery day, although I ate probably my weight in food last night as we were walking (all zone, of course!).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hanging with an Olympian

So yesterday I FINALLY went down to Sumner and lifted with Melanie Roach and Coach Thrush!
Saturday I lifted like usual, had a PR in the C&J -- 60 kg. Sunda
y I was at a seminar all day with Mike Burgener, which was quite entertaining, and I learned a lot. Yesterday, mi madre and I drove down to Bonney Lake to (finally) get lifting shoes. After that there was a pep rally for Melanie. Went to that, my coach was there, hung around, talked to Melanie and John, the Today Show was there filming, etc etc. Melanie has kept insisting I train with them, and I've wanted to, but it's just so damn far away. But since I was in that area, I decided to stick around until 5:30 and go lift with them, and I am SO glad I did!

I got to the gym pretty late (like 6:15), and was overwhelmed by the cameras that were there! Melanie's famous, seriously. But I jumped right in, an
d Coach Thrush was amazing in helping me.

3x25 kg x 2
I was satisfied at the 45, so stopped there.

My shoulders were really hurting on the jerks (they were tight from the Burgener clinic) so I stopped those early and went on to squats.

3x77 (Rachel C accidentally misloaded the bar, so I had a 2.5 kg plate on one side, while she had a 5 kg plate on the other; I didn't even notice)
NEW PR! And this was absolutely amazing. My last PR was 82.5 kg for ONE REP. All of a sudden I did 90 at 2 ... and it was because John was standing behind me, spotting me the whole time. Not helping me, not lifting the weight off my shoulders, just a presence, standing there, lightly holding the bar. I have no idea why that makes such a different, but that just proves that weightlifting is incredibly mental. Plus the fact 
he said these words: "90 kg is going to feel heavy on your shoulders, but you can do it -- I wouldn't tell you to do it if I didn't know you could do it."

WOW! What an experience. That and having Melanie training right in front of me! The whole gym had a really good vibe and energy that I've never felt before in any other gym. Although my workout was short, and I sat on my ass in the car all day before that, it was totally worth it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yesterday was sort of a lighter day. Didn't get to the gym until 7:30 because I'd been SCUBA diving in Tukwila all day.

Cleans from blocks
3x43 kg x 2

Clean Pulls from blocks

Stop squats
1x70 (nearly failed)
2x70 (nearly failed on the second one)

Hypers: 3x8 with a 10 kg plate

So semi-light, but I was pretty wiped from diving. Not to mention STARVING.

Rest day today, although I made a big decision: I'm quitting lacrosse and am going to lift 5 days a week. Junior nationals are hopefully in the future, so I need to focus on that as of right now.

Diet's been good, 12ish blocks. Went out to lunch today, but stayed as zone-ish as possible.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Biked around a bit today, probably around 6ish miles total: to and from PCC for groceries, and then to and from the gym.

Warmed up with some slow pulls: (5x34kg)x10
3x32 kg
(3x38)x7. Worked a lot on technique; I think I'm finally getting better.
3x40 (bad, failed a bunch)
1x40 (good).

Fast pulls

Those hurt today; my 2 rep max is 80 kg, I think, so that was WAY worse today.

Those were also sucky today, I usually do sets of 5. Ah well.

Finished it off with:
3 rounds
10 MB sit ups (6 kg)
8 hypers (20 lb weight)
10 pullups

Not really CF style, but a little faster than normal.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Finally worked out today, after a few days of rest, going to the beach, and traveling. Ugh.

I was absolutely exhausted at the session for some reason, probably from lack of sleep over the past 2 weeks, and the fact my body thought it was 10 PM. But anyways.

3x35 kg
No new PR but my form is getting better.
Clean Pulls

2x65 -- I failed, which was kind of pathetic, but I had absolutely no juice in me.

Jerks from front (I'm terrified at anything behind my head now)
3x20 (with a power clean)
3x30 (power clean)
3x40 (power clean)
3x45 (clean)
2x50 (from rack)
My PR for jerks is 60, and 55 would normally feel ok but I was literally about to pass out so I stopped.

Hypers: 3x8 with a 10 kg plate
Situps: 3x10 with a 6 kg medicine ball slam
Ab roller: 3x10

Very light day considering the lack of exercise and good food I've had the past week, but what can you do.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Field trip

So today I met up with a fellow Bonny, a fellow CrossFitter, and we took a trip to CrossFit Boston to get a workout in. It wast the intro class, so I started off there but was bored after a while, so Neal told me to do my own workout. Unfortunately I asked what I should do, and he said Fran. Not a good idea after yesterday with all the squats, and the fact that today was the first day I could lift my arms over head.
65 lb thrusters

Time was embarrassing ... like 7 something. Ouch. Not a day for a PR that's for sure.

So far the 2 meals I've had have both been relatively zone (not measured, obviously). Parties are later, though, so that probably won't last.

So it's after the parties, and it wasn't terribly bad. Had some fruit at the first one, a relatively balanced meal with salad, shrimp, veggies, and olives at the next one, but also had a relatively large slice of cake. Ah well. It'll be over on Monday.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A pathetic attempt for a workout

Since my arms are still completely destroyed today, I did a modified version of a WOD from a couple days back. Cindy on crack AND meth.
20 min of:
15 knee to chest
30 sit ups
45 squats

I did 7 rounds, plus the knee to chest and 15 situps. Eh. At least I was moving around and not being a lazy ass.

Diet was ok today. I'm not weighing and measuring, so I think I tend to eat a bit less carbs and more fat, which I guess is ok (I have no idea with the protein). Ate breakfast (cottage cheese, strawberries, raspberries, cashews) around 11:30, lunch at 4:30 (fake chicken, broccoli, apple, olive oil, cashews), and dinner (scallops sauteed with veggies) at around 8:30. Only bad thing was the glass of champagne I had with dinner, that and the fact I didn't measure anything but whatever.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A whirlwind ...

Wow, so I FINALLY have a little downtime! The past week has been absolutely insane, with prom, graduation, family family family, etc.

The working out has been sporadic and random ever since my little incident. Got some work in on Thursday, Friday morning, as well as a morning-after-prom work out, which was quite fun, and then a soccer game on Sunday.
Friday, May 31: FS 5x20, 5x20, 5x40, 5x50, 5x55, 5x60, 5x60, 5x60. The work out: 
4 rounds
clean, then FS for 12
KB swings for 21
Run 400m
time: 13:52. My legs were DYING after those front squats I did before. bad idea, Rachel.

The last real workout I did was on Monday, which was Tabata:
Push Press
Pull ups
My scores: 13, 6, 16, and 48 (total calories), respectively. My arms were absolutely destroyed after the push presses, so the pull ups dies quickly.

That was the first time I'd done pull ups in a VERY long time, and my shoulders and lats were absolutely thrashed; I was in so much pain that I woke up at 2 am the other night because I couldn't lay on my side, my lats hurt so badly. I still can't straighten my arms or shoulders.

The food has been hell recently, just with all the graduation excitement and partying, etc.  I have definitely had my fill of sweets this past week! Will try to stay as clean as possible while on vacation, although it's hard.

Today I spent the day running around (literally) go old Wellesley. Tomorrow I'm visiting a CrossFit Boston if I'm lucky.