Saturday, June 7, 2008

Field trip

So today I met up with a fellow Bonny, a fellow CrossFitter, and we took a trip to CrossFit Boston to get a workout in. It wast the intro class, so I started off there but was bored after a while, so Neal told me to do my own workout. Unfortunately I asked what I should do, and he said Fran. Not a good idea after yesterday with all the squats, and the fact that today was the first day I could lift my arms over head.
65 lb thrusters

Time was embarrassing ... like 7 something. Ouch. Not a day for a PR that's for sure.

So far the 2 meals I've had have both been relatively zone (not measured, obviously). Parties are later, though, so that probably won't last.

So it's after the parties, and it wasn't terribly bad. Had some fruit at the first one, a relatively balanced meal with salad, shrimp, veggies, and olives at the next one, but also had a relatively large slice of cake. Ah well. It'll be over on Monday.

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