Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad Mutha

So today was the meet. Definitely didn't do as well as I'd hoped. I just completely psyched myself out, which I definitely have a problem with.

I fasted in the AM for the weigh in, and ended up weighing in at 56.65, wayyy lighter than I had anticipated, so I definitely could have eaten breakfast before that.
I opened with a 44 kg snatch -- lower than my original plan. Made it. Next: 48, which would be a new PR. Missed it. Shooot. Came back and made 48 for the third. I was soooo set on getting at least 50; I went back in the warm up room and said that out load, and in response coach said, "OK, I'll give you one shot to try 50." So I gave 50 a shot in the warm up room and made it. It was unfortunate that it didn't count for my total ... 

I royally killed my c&j. It was kinda disappointing, because those are usually so solid for me. I opened at 59, which should have been any easy weight. Cleaned it fine, then for some reason on my jerk, I clipped my chin. That surprised me more than anything, so I dropped the weight. That REALLY threw me for a loop, not making 59, so I tried it again, missed, did it a 3rd time, barely made the clean, but managed to finish the lift. It was so cool having everyone cheering me on, I don't think I could have finished the lift without everyone. That's what I like about the lifting community, it's so supportive.

Melanie was there, not competing, but lifting, so that was inspiring as usual.

I ended up getting a medal in my weightclass, as well as a goofy award -- a lightbulb, because I "have bright things ahead," so that was cute.

Went to the BBQ afterwards, which was quite fun and relaxing. As we were leaving, I said goodbye to John Thrush. His parting words: "You're the next one."

I'll leave it at that for ya'll to ponder :)

PS -- I'll post pics/vids when I get them uploaded!


sarena said...

I say its all good! Looking forward to this week. Training together?? Diving tog?

rizzo said...

you're up late!
training + diving, yes! i'm excited.
and i don't quite know what to think ... john (melanie's coach) said 2 things. he told my mom i have talent. and then one of our friends was talking about melanie and how i'll be the next one to go to the olympics. john said i remind him a lot of melanie when she first started. and then what he said when i left ... it's so cool!

Jay C said...

Great, great job Rachel.
First meet is always nerve racking, but damn, pretty impressive.

Eat more food, practice, get some great rest, stay away from the boys.

Have a super week.

rizzo said...

Thanks Jay! It was so fun, I can't wait to do another one, just to get more comfortable with competing.

Have a good week!

Chavo said...

Youw. I would totally be psyched out at a comp. No questions. You did fine, you'll get it nailed.