Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well today I basically ate junk ALL day. Yeah it was that bad.
Here is the grand total of the day:

All Day: box of fudge (6 pieces), almond butter, cottage cheese, handful chocolate covered almonds, homemade apple-pumpkin butter, salad w/ salmon olive oil vinegar, piece of chocolate fudge cake, 1.5 pancakes with whipped cream butter and strawberries, butterfinger candies (a bunch), 1 sm reese's cub, 1/2 small chocolate chip cookie, 3 squares mint filled dark chocolate, kit kat
Dinner: 2 pieces of coconut chicken, broccoli, salad w/ marinated mushrooms, feta cheese, and vinegar; bowl of cottage cheese with olive oil; some bites of pasta.

Dinner was definitely ok. The rest of the day? Not so much.

On another note, I went for a GLORIOUS bike ride today. It was SO windy I thought I was gonna fall off my bike. It was a nice mental break that I really needed. AND best of all, I found THREE snakes! I nearly ran over the first one I found, ran and picked it up and played with it for like 15 minutes (yes I'm weird). Found another one about 10 min later (a baby one), and then another huge on about 10 min after that. Grand total: 1.5 hours (with snake stops and going into to town to buy my bike ticket). It was great!

Here's a picture from my phone.


Anonymous said...

crap you did better then me this weekend. so far a big mac, 2 ceasar chicken wraps, one entire tub of ben and jerry's chocolate brownie ice cream, 2 big bowls of breyers chocolate ice cream, 2 grande cups of salted caramel hot chocolate, 3 cups of chocolate milk, one bacon egg and sausage breakfast sandwich, and two double egg bacon sandwiches... Thats um, yeah.

rizzo said...

WOW! that's quite some cheat meals. over the weekend, or the whole day?

i just finished up the day with more fudge. haha I'm definitely done for a while!

Anonymous said...

it was spread across 2 days but most of it was on saturday.

oh fudge, yum.

rizzo said...

wow ok now I don't feel SO bad, although I think might be my grandest cheat day ever.

I don't feel that terrible physically, but I hope my body doesn't hold on to it!

Chavo said...

Snake day is lucky day! very cool.

rizzo said...

Except now I feel slightly sick :-/ (not because of the snake!)

Tomorrow is going to be an EXTREMELY low carb day ... and perhaps the rest of the week as well ...