Thursday, December 25, 2008

How to work off Christmas dinner ...

... put a kid on your shoulders and SQUAT! Haha just kidding, but that's what I did last night and everyone was laughing at me. I actually did a set or two of 10 reps! (Thanks to Mira Wellington for being a good weight and for calling me an Ox, because I'm 'strong as an ox':)

Today was short and sweet, just a little something to get the blood flowing after being lazy all day.

HALF ANGIE (Modified)
50 squats
50 1 armed bench dips
50 1 armed push ups (on knees and elevated)
50 sit ups

Not much, but again, just got the blood flowing.

Brunch: bowl of seafood stew, sauteed greens, garlic, olive oil, and smoked salmon
Snack: chocolate 'pudding'
Dinner: seafood stew, small salad with smoked salmon and olive oil
Misc: 2 cups of coffee with cream


Jay C said...


Nice to see the squating with the cast, classic stuff.

Seafood stew sounds good.

BTW, it's not worth you time to respond that that Dylan dick head on the CF boards as he debates Saturated fat, just keep doing what your doing, eating what you're eating and get strong.

Chow On.


Jay C said...

Who/what brings you to the coast?
Have fun, safe travels.