Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pistols = OUCH

Went to CrossFit this morning and it was actually perfect because today ended up being a strength day. Everyone did deadlifts; I did one legged deadlifts, as usual.

DEAD LIFTS (per leg)
16 kg, 2x5
24 kg 2x5
32 kg 5+x5 (may have done more than 5, not sure)

I was actually tired by the end; that is surprisingly a lot of work!

Then everyone had to do a max set of push ups. I obviously couldn't do that, so I wasn't gonna do anything, but Dave was like, "Rachel -- max set of pistols!" Max set, each leg.

I had no idea what to aim for so, I picked a random number -- 30. Each leg. No switching, no stopping, one leg the whole time.


I did 30 on my right leg first, then 30 on my left. I thought my glutes were gonna tear, but there was NO way I was giving up! I was pretty proud of myself; Dave was REALLY impressed ("30?! That's awesome!") and everyone else was too. Then I saw that Level 4 is 25 pistols per leg, so I was really proud of myself!

Haha. Well the insane eating this weeks makes sense now. Damn PMS! It's unfortunate that as soon as that happens, all cravings-control is out the door.
Breakfast: chocolate pudding
Snack: 12 oz cappaccino
Lunch: indian/shrimp lentil dish, large salad with lots of smoked salmon, olive oil, vinegar
Snack: couple squares of dark chocolate (again -- damn PMS!)
Snack: 12 oz cappaccino
Dinner: brussels sprouts, roasted carrots, smoked salmon, olive oil, vinegar
Snack: more brussels sprouts, more carrots, some steak, smoked salmon, olive spread
Misc: 12 oz americano with cream


sarena said...

whoa i think you may actually be a genetic freak!! How did you do that all??

sarena said...

As to your questions, pistols silly!!

Chavo said...

If I could do a pistol, I'd be really happy! Goal for 2009 will now be pistols.

Don't know if you've seen this, but I think you'll like it.