Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still sore

Today was kind of a half-ass workout; I was still sore from the other day and really couldn't push myself due to the limited wrist/elbow mobility.

1 pushup (I did ring rows -- BOTH arms! -- until my right arm had had enough, and then did 1 armed push press)
1 v-up

2 rows
2 v-ups

etc as many rounds in 20 min.

I was using MINIMAL weight for OHS -- a training bar. But I STILL did it with my right hand! It's gonna be a slow process ... but it's coming along.

I did 15 and 2/3 rounds.

Last cheat today before going back to school. Then it's clean eating for quite some time.
Breakfast: (9:30) chocolate pudding
Lunch: (3:00) salad, smoked salmon, some stew
Dinner: (8:00) small plate of green beans, steamed mussels and clams in olive oil; few pieces of shrimp tempura, couple of fries; CHEAT: split a big piece of chocolate cake with the sis
Misc: americano with cream

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