Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just another Thursday

Clean pulls

KB swings: 3x15

TGU: 3x5 per side (weight was all over the place, started with a 16 kg KB, went to 25 lbs, went to 30 lbs)

Good Mornings: 20/8, (30/8)x3

10 minutes of burpees: 100 total

Snack: 16 oz cappaccino
Lunch: salmon, small piece of turkey, broccoli, green beans and peppers, pesto, bowl of sweet potatoes, couple bites of fruit; coffee and cream
Dinner: big scoops of seitan stir fry, big scoops of chicken stir fry, broccoli; couple bites of sweet potato and melon; coffee and cream

1 comment:

Jay C said...

Sweet Thing;

Nice to see your post on CF boards.

Blog is looking good and your pic on Snatch is looking really strong.

Be well.