Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interesting ...

So I've been doing some memory-walking the past few days and going over old photos from the past year or so. Came up with some pretty interesting comparisons.

Comparison one: Me this past June, vs. me in March

Comparison two: me in June, vs. me July 08

Interesting, isn't it? HUGE differences. Couple of things caught my attention with this.
#1. I did NOT increase the amount of upper body work I was doing from March to June. Actually, I decreased it because my wrist started acting up, so I couldn't do as many push ups etc as I wanted to. Also, I didn't even have as much time to even do as much extra stuff as I wanted when I got back to Seattle; that meant less push ups, less dips, even less pressing.
#2. My back pretty much doubled in size, no joke! This also baffled me, because yes, I'm lifting more weight now than I was last summer, but all the activity I did outside lifting was pretty much the same -- walking, biking to and from the gym, etc. And I was doing more extra stuff last summer than I am right now.

So. What gives?

The biggest thing that has changed for me is my food. Last summer I was doing zone, eating about 1200-1400 calories a day. On a good day now, I'm probably eating double that (although I should probably be eating more). That means WAY more protein (at least 1 g/lb of bodyweight), less carbs, and probably a good amount of fat.

The other thing: I lift heavy weights all the fucking time. No, I don't over train (or I try not to at least), I don't hit my maxes every single day. But I lift HEAVY and explosively. Which brings me to my next point: people do not need 'cardio' to lean out. I HATE it when people say "Oh I'm gonna start running so I can lose weight." WTF???? I'm pretty muscular, right? Do I do excessive amounts of cardio? HELLLLL no. It bugs the HELL out of me when people say that they start jogging to lose weight. What I do is this:
-I lift heavy and explosively: snatch, clean + jerk, squat, pressing (occasionally), occasional sprinting
-I lead an active lifestyle (WALKING = cardio, and it's not hard on the body at all)
-I eat clean and WAY more food than I used to

The conclusion:
I am way more muscular than I was a year ago, and even more so than I was 5 months ago. Why? Lifting heavy, eating, and being active. Seriously, that's all you need. I wasn't like that when I was zoning, doing CF, and running long distances. Do I miss that? No way. Do I long for a short run occasionally? yeah, I do, of course. And when I stop lifting (wayyyy down the road), sure I'll add some SHORT (like 5k) runs occasionally. But I believe the bulk of my exercise routine for the rest of my life will be heavy lifting, sprinting, occasional CF, occasional runs, and lots of walking. Because that's a life style that suits me.

OK enough of the random thoughts for the day :)

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