Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh snatches

I have to say snatches are the most frustrating thing ever. Period. The end. I've found that if there is ONE little tiny thing that is off either in my body or my technique, good bye snatches! Oh well. Cleans were spectacular, though.

Nothing even really worth posting here. Missed a bunch of reps; barely made 55, missed my last rep at 57.5. I was not a happy camper.

Made up for it here.
75/1 -- 5 kg PR! (at least for the jerk)
77.5 (no jerk)
The last one was unbelievable. I cleaned 77.5! HUGE mental accomplishment for me, seeing as how I used to FREAK out on my cleans. Almost got the jerk, it was so close! Oh well. I was happy after that. And freakin EXHAUSTED. Like every muscle in my legs was trembling. So squats sucked ...

Stop squats
Yeah 80 felt heavy. Grrr. Oh well. At least the cleans were good.

hypers: 3x10, 16 kg
Got kicked out of the gym after that.

Meet's in 2 weeks; I'd like to make at least 65 and 75; hopefully 80 on the c&j. Hopefully my snatches won't keep sucking either :(

Here's my 75 kg c&j

And my 77.5 clean

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Bonny Guang said...

WOW that is badass. Super congrats on those cleans! Made it look like it was easy in the videos. (also thanks for reminding me that there is also that other olympic lift called the snatch - no joke this is horrible but I totally forgot it existed)