Thursday, November 12, 2009

No one judge me for my exercise habits right now. I will shoot anyone who thinks less of me as a lifter for what I'm doing. I physically cannot do anything else so in order to keep myself sane (and I'm 100% dead serious with that), I do what I can.

Because I know those who will.

Did rowing sprints today. Felt good and hard. Almost like a hard squat work out ... but not quite.

300-200-100 x3

People would be mad at this. Well news flash -- I have a TON of shit going on right now, and this is a healthier way to let the anger and frustration out then doing something else stupid. So, there you go.

Anyways, I thought I was going to die. Splits aren't that much different than when I was doing CrossFit. Goes to show you lifting is all around awesome.

Bodyweight hasn't changed, which is good. Still maintaining muscle so when I'm ready to start squatting again, I'll be ready.


Samantha Nicole said...

Glad you're getting something in. Anything helps. And I'm glad you're not doing anything to hurt yourself. I think you're a better lifter for staying off the weights. You'll come back stronger for it.

Craig B. said...

You ever want backup on your recovery plans, drop me a line. I'll meet you for coffe, you can vent, and I'll tell you to slow down. I'm injured about as much as you are, but I'm learning.

Better is better.

rizzo said...

Craig that would be nice. I'm pretty frustrated with things right now, it would be nice to vent. Let me know, Fremont perhaps!

Craig B. said...

Yeah, I live right near the troll. Drop me a line: